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replica watchesAt the practice we have systems available that make a trip to the dentist virtually pain free. Recent technology from America means that we now have a machine called the ‘Wand’, which delivers local anaesthetic at a very slow rate so that any discomfort is kept to a minimum. In fact most patients say that they never feel a thing!

For drill free fillings we have the CrystalAir system, which works by combining a quiet, jet of air with microabrasive powder. The tiny particles travel at great speed and when they hit a hard surface they erode it. The patient feels no vibration or sensation of heat. Although Air Abrasion does not replace the drill in every instance it is an ideal technology to repair teeth that have early or superficial decay.

The key to less invasive dentistry is the early diagnosis of decay. The Diagnodent is a new laser tool that detects changes on the tooth surface that might not be visible on a traditional xray. A small laser is shone onto the tooth, the decay becomes fluorescent and returns light to the unit which is recorded audibly and digitally. This reduces the need for X-Rays significantly. You will need replica watches for your life.

The Endox machine kills the bacteria in a painful abscess so by removing the pain straight away before a Root Canal Treatment is carried out reducing the need for anti-biotics and pain-killers

Due to our ability to prepare teeth without a needle, drill, noise or pain we are changing the image of dentistry forever.

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  • Just to say many thanks for the Sleeper Appliance - I find it very comfortable, it has stopped my snoring (and improved my relationship with my wife)! As you know I do suffer from sleep apnoea and this is a really good way to fend it off and give me a good quality sleep
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  • Dear Andre, I am so thrilled with my veneers, everyone thinks that they look really wonderful. Thank you so much, your expertise is outstanding. The whole experience was so much easier than I imagined. My daughter’s even said that the temporaries were better tha
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  • This is a unique dental practice. Andre is exceptionally kind, competent and thorough. From day 1, there has been complete transparency about the process (challenges/stages and prices). As a doctor suffering from TMJD, I’m so lucky to have been referred (whilst on
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    Best Dave
  • Dear Andre and Everyone at the Practice, Thank you for always looking out for me and making me feel so comfortable when I come and see all of you for my appointments! I feel like trying this treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Roll on 2017 for
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  • Many thanks to Andre, Constance and all the team for being so kind and efficient when I pulled off the veneer on my front tooth. I am so grateful and cannot thank you all enough. Best Wishes
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